Shaken, Not Stirred

Shaken, Not Stirred

The Wrong Way to Drink a Martini

Are you a fan of the classic James Bond cocktail? Yes? Well did you know that you’ve probably been drinking it wrong this whole time all because of that pesky British spy? The Martini has a long history and multiple theories as to where it originated. The consensus seems to be that it was first made somewhere in California in the mid 1800s. Its original iteration was actually called a Martinez, which is a mix of Gin, Sweet Vermouth, Maraschino liqueur, a dash of orange bitters and a lemon twist. It has transformed over the years going through a number of different trends. At one point the 50/50 Martini (1/2 Gin, 1/2 Vermouth) was all the rage. Seems bizarre considering nowadays most people’s version of a Martini is just ice-cold vodka with some olives. At one point peoples distaste for the vermouth component became so strong that the “Around the World” Martini came to be. “What’s that” you ask? That was when somebody would ask the bartender to wave a bottle of vermouth over the glass. Yes, people actually did that. With the ever-growing cocktail culture in the world, and the rise of the bartender, there has been a resurgence in what many industry leaders consider the “proper” martini. And it’s not made with vodka, and it is certainly not shaken.

The recipe is as follows:

2.5oz Gin

1 oz Dry Vermouth

Dash of Orange Bitters

Lemon Twist

Put all of the liquids in a mixing vessel. Add a healthy handful of ice and STIR (not shake) gently for 15 or so seconds. The goal is to cool the drink down, as well as to dilute it a tiny bit. Strain into a glass and garnish with twist. Super simple! The twist gives it a lovely brightness and the combination of gin and vermouth gives a great florality. If you REALLY REALLY hate gin there is nothing wrong with substituting vodka, but please people don’t be afraid of vermouth. It’s delicious. There’s an infinite number of variations you can do to this cocktail, but this is what I consider the classic.

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