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Break the Monopoly

Our Story

Influencer-Powered Social Commerce

In the early 1990's eBay and Amazon founded a new online Value Chain by allowing consumers to buy products online. As time progressed many new online "stores" began to emerge. Companies like Uber, Door Dash, Instacart and more were established. This created the first Centralized Marketplaces but they still only connected one buyer and one seller.

The problem is that Influencers have been locked out of this Value Chain. In order for Brands and Influencers to acquire to new consumers they have to pay Amazon, Google, Amazon and others monopolistic acquisition, transaction and settlement fees. In many cases these fees exceed 30%. In addition the Brands and Influencers receive little conversion intelligence from the monopolistic providers.

So......How can a business compete? Marketplace 2.0. The integration of Media and Influencers into this new Value Chain with multiple buyers and sellers turns both Influencers and consumers into your Brand's sales force. By building our own 2.0 Value Chain we can reduce transaction and settlement fees from 30% down to .30%. In addition our real time ledger keeps track of all transactions and is available to brands that subscribe to our analytic tools.

Finally our sophisticated AI powered sales and ad placement layer will bring Brands incremental revenue with fees of anywhere from 5 to 15%. Today the Spiritful platform has access to 200M consumers worldwide which will grow to over 2B in the next few years.

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